Since 1996, The Commission has worked to serve the World.

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The Commission was founded in 1996 by the original founders of the Graduate

Leadership Society. and Tax Law Review The founders of our Standards Board are

CEOs, Executives, Professors, and Industry experts from around the globe.

We meet twice per year to propose new government policies, ideas, and other

insights to nations, NGOs, agencies and leading global companies. We seek

harmony, freedom, peace and prosperity for all nations. While discussions during

our educational and speaker sessions are not reported publicly, the list of dignitaries

adivsors and commissioners attending is usually available. Distinguished members

attending are always careful to insist that they participate as individuals and not as

representatives of their government.

Our VIP executive education standards are based on to ISO standards and

accredited degree programs and assessments from the best business, law, & other

degree programs. Thus, our education, speaker, and certification standards are

unmatched, and we confer designations to qualified professionals, managers and

executives who have earned accredited degree education and passed accredited

program exams.

Fortune and Tech 500 CEOs, heads of state and other influential people of the world are routinely invited to the yearly conference which is dedicated to lifting up education and quaility of living for all nations.
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