Our Accreditations and Recognitions
The Board has earned ESQ Accreditation along with ISO 21001 Certification for Educational Organizations. The GAFM AAPM IBS International Board of Standards is the first certifying body in the world to achieve these qualifications and certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 21001. IBS/GAFM/AAPM International Accreditation Registration d191b4f5597e Certification Board & National Business School Accredited Programs - Over 800 USA Accredited Business schools offer courses, programs. The IBS Board has: ESQEurope Accreditation - The GAFM/AAPM International Board of Standards has accreditation from the ESQ in Europe TUV accreditation - European Accreditation Not Subject to BREXIT - TUV 2019 Certification over the last few years. The Commission/Body has been ISO 29990 Certified - GAFM/AAPM are ISO Certified for Training. The First USA Certification body to achieve this Accreditation The Board is ISO 9001 Certified - GAFM IBS Board of Standards is ISO Certified for Quality Standards. The Board is in Alliance with the CHEA Council of Higher Education Quality Group - The Board of Standards is a founding member of the quality assurance standards memorandum of the CHEA International Quality Group. GAFM/AAPM is in alliance with the Society of Professional Engineers Europe. SPE Society of Professional Engineers Arab League & Academy Recognition - The Arab Academy belonging to the Arab League directly recognizes the Certifications of GAFM and AAPM in a diplomatic agreement. 2018 - Updated Arab Academy UAE Accredited - Qualifications Registered and accredited through the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of the UAE. 2004 - ACBSP Accreditation Certification Agreement with AAFM International Board of Standards, now GAFM owns the AAFM Programs. EU Accredited through ACCREDIA in Italy by virtue of TUV Accreditation. We have new accord with Les Ingénieurs Professionnels de France - ACCORDS USA GAFM /AAPM /CUFCE et SNIPF UAE - Course recognition and registration via the KDHA UAE - KHDA Permit Number 60768
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